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Welcome to SeeGreen


Your Pocket Plant Care Partner

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Our Story

Born and raised in Chicago, we are no strangers to the hustle and bustle of the city. The constant noise, heavy air pollution, and stressful work life have contributed to chronic stress many urban dwellers suffer from today.

However, we realized greenery—even in the form of houseplants—may help reduce stress and improve mental health. With SeeGreen, start your green family today with our innovative plant care tools. Let's grow together.

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Key Features

How We Make Plant Care a Breeze


Find recommended plants according to your preferences


Scan your room and simulate how your plant will look in your home


Take care of your collection of plants through watering reminders and care tips

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Find Your Perfect Plant

Plant at your pace. Start here to see what plants fit your lifestyle.

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Try out our Instagram filters and find more plants to add to your collection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How will taking care of plants improve my mental health?

The World Health Organization reports that by increasing green spaces in urban areas, its residents would experience less stress. We believe that by taking care of plants, our users will be able to improve their lifestyle by having cleaner air, enjoying their space, and feeling productive with their new interest.

I've seen other plant care apps. What makes SeeGreen the best?

Throughout all its features, SeeGreen focuses on convenience. With our catalog, our users can quickly sort through what they'd prefer, no matter the complexity of their needs: whether it be a small, colorful succulent or a low-light, tropical, dog-friendly flower. Additionally, we offer digestible plant care tips that do not overwhelm our users. Lastly, through our unique augmented reality tool, users can easily see how a plant would look like in their space—a feature that our competitors do not offer.

Do I need to have experience with plants to use this app?

No, we focus on accessible plant care and welcome users of all experience levels to our app. We accommodate beginners and experts by offering a wide range of plants suitable to each skill level.

What People Are Saying

This is exactly what I needed to start building my plant collection. All the features I wanted in one place make it easy and less stressful than how it was when I was on my own.

Will Gossin

Honestly, I've let quite a few plants die, so I'm excited to use SeeGreen to help me take care of my plants better. Their reminders definitely help save them from dehydration!

Ara Guevarra

I use SeeGreen to help me figure out what plants would look best to decorate my desk. It helps me plan without having to spend the money or go in-person first.

Alla Baker

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