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Meet the Team

In the fall of 2021, the SeeGreen team members joined the Everyone Can Code Chicago App Accelerator—a selective program designed to help young professionals publish an iOS app. 

Though we began as strangers, we quickly grew at ease once we found our shared passion for the community. What started as a 90-second pitch soon became a way to aid the mental health epidemic ravaging urban areas, an issue that we were all too familiar with as residents of Chicago.

We know this is just the beginning of our journey. Please look forward to our improvements and future endeavors for SeeGreen!


Fay Lin

Team Lead

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Class of 2024


Alla Baker


University of Illinois at Chicago Class of 2022


Nathan Hittesdorf


University of Illinois at Chicago

Class of 2024

Image by Ren Ran

Nick Brown

Augmented Reality

Jackson State University

Class of 2024

Araville Guevarra PP(0).jpeg

Ara Guevarra

Design and Marketing

Lane Tech High School

Class of 2022

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